Steller’s Sea Eagle book in English, second edition


The book about Steller’s Sea Eagle (SSE) by V.B. Masterov and M.S. Romanov published in 2014 with the assistance of BirdsRussia appeared some kind of ornithological bestseller: the second revised edition was published in English.

Atlas of Nesting Birds of the European Part of Russia: work on surveys data is completed


Map of surveyed squares 50 х 50 sq. km for the Atlas. Each red circle corresponds to a surveyed square. Russia is almost fully observed!

New issue of the Newsletter of Friends of Muraviovka Park (FOMP), February 2019


The next Newsletter of Muravievsky Park in the Amur Region "Zhuravl" for February 2019 has been published.

Eurasian Woodcock autumn ringing 2018


Every autumn, during Eurasian woodcock migration, a research team working on the “Woodcock” project organizes ringing expeditions. Not only members from the “Woodcock” group, but also foreign specialists participate.

The “Operation Kazarka” movie revealingthe expedition of Russian and Belgian bird-banding centers to Yamal tundra for Red-breasted geese investigation and transmitters-tagging


The population of Red-breasted goose, the breeding endemic of Siberian Arctic and a rare guest of the Belgian polders, has drastically declined in the past few decades. The species is currently classified as “vulnerable” by the IUCN. What threatens this little goose?

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