Our priorities

BIRDS: species that are in the most prominent danger including species significant for Russia, such as  spoon-billed sandpiper, Nordmann's greenshank, yellow-breasted bunting and Steller's sea eagle. Our representatives participate in drawing up of European Red List of BirdLife International as well as in the development of rescue plans for rare bird species and their implementation.

TERRITORIES: support of the development of the network of the protected areas important for birds and network of key ornithological areas including the seas of the Far East; assistance in the creation of regional Bird Atlases.

HABITATS: promotion of the conservation of threatened ecosystems, including floodplains and peatlands, as well as those in the Arctic.

PEOPLE: support of birdwatching, environmental education in relation to birds and their habitats, development of sustainable use of bird resources in cooperation with hunters.

SCIENCE: promotion of the development of environmental ornithology in Russia.

ORGANIZATIONS: interaction with relevant state agencies of different levels, primarily with the Ministry of natural resources of Russia at the federal level, building partnerships with a wide range of organizations in Russia and abroad, including BirdLife International and its partners.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT: creation of a system of a stable and long-term financial and organizational self-sufficiency of the organization.

INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITY: BirdsRussia participates in a lot of meetings abroad and in a number of international projects, in particular, it coordinates many aspects of the work on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, organizes international expeditions to wintering sites of Russian birds in Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar.

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