About us

BirdsRussia is a voluntary non-governmental association.  Our goal is to preserve wild birds, their habitat and biodiversity as a whole.

BirdsRussia is a group of enthusiasts who work together to perform tasks in connection with protection and study of birds in Russia. Protection of birds is impossible without knowing their biological and ecological features. It is necessary to keep track of the number of separate species and to find out the reasons of their changes. Therefore, one of the main activities of BirdsRussia is to promote the development of ornithology and to coordinate studies of birds and their habitats. But scientists can't do it alone.

We perform our tasks together with all those who are interested and fond of birds. The more people will know the joy of bird watching, the more active defenders of nature there will be.

BirdsRussia is an association of like-minded people with a wide range of interests in birds: researchers, naturalists, birdwatchers, conservationists, travellers and photographers.


We are a growing organization with new and energetic members joining each year while our projects cover more and more regions.

In our ranks there are well-known scientists, professional ornithologists respected in the field of bird protection in our country and in the international community, as well as Russian best animal painters.

We boldly undertake large-scale projects for the study and protection of birds, covering large territories.

Geographically BirdsRussia projects is constantly expanding. In addition to the central structure, we have eleven branches in different parts of Russia and a number of volunteer groups, and BirdsRussia projects are implemented in almost half of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

We are open to international cooperation and have experience in implementing difficult projects with the participation of our colleagues from Russia and other countries. We work with well-known international funds, GEF projects, UNEP structures and large companies.

Our organization actively cooperates with state agencies at the federal and regional levels, which leads to positive changes in the policy and practice in the field of protection of birds and their habitats.

More than half of the members of the birds section of the Russian Ministry of natural resources Commission on the Red List are active members of BirdsRussia. When preparing a new edition in 2016-2018, a number of important changes and additions were made to the draft list of species at the suggestion of BirdsRussia. BirdsRussia is the main Russian partner taking part in the preparation of the updated "European Breeding Bird Atlas" and "Breeding Birds of European Russia Atlas".

BirdsRussia supports environmental organizations and activists and provides charity support to initiatives of people who love birds.

The our strategic goal is to form an Association of a wide range of non-governmental organizations involved in the protection of birds and to promote all forms of their cooperation with each other. 


The work of BirdsRussia is directed by the President, Vice-presidents, the Board and the Director General with the methodological support of the Scientific Council.

BirdsRussia consists of eleven regional branches: in Moscow and Moscow oblast, Tver, Kaliningrad, Saratov, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Yakutia, as well as Baikal. The association has reliable partners in several other regions of the Russian Federation: Novgorod oblast, Chukotka, Kalmykia and Taimyr.


Menzbier Russian Society for Bird Conservation and Study (BirdsRussia) was established on May 20, 2009. At the Founding Congress of the Zoological Museum of Moscow University 33 ornithologists voted for its creation and became the founding members of the new organization. 4 departments formed the basis of BirdsRussia: Moscow, Moscow oblast, Saratov and Kamchatka, which previously held the relevant founding assemblies.

The Charter of BirdsRussia, previously prepared by the initiative group, was discussed and approved and governing bodies were elected at the Founding Congress of BirdsRussia: Professor E. N. Kurochkin was elected as the President, Professor V. M. Galushin and Professor V. M. Konstantinov as Vice-Presidents, the Board included O. S. Grinchenko, M. V. Kalyakin, E. A. Koblik, A. A. Maksimov, A. L. Mischenko, A. Mosalov, O. V. Sukhanova, the Scientific Council included E. N. Kurochkin, T. V. Voronina, V. Y. Ilyashenko, A. B. Popovkina, A. D. Poyarkov, A. G. Sorokin, S. P. Kharitonov, the Audit Commission included A. A. Romanov, O. B. Pokrovskaya and S. V. Volkov.

At the first meeting the board elected M. V. Kalyakin as the Chairman of the Board and E. E. Syroechkovskiy as the Executive Director.

Legal registration took about six months, and in December 2009 we finally received a full set of documents confirming that from now on BirdsRussia is an Interregional public organization, rightful from the legal and financial points of view. In March, an account was opened and the organization began its work not only de jure but also de facto.

The supreme governing body of BirdsRussia is the Congress, convened by the Board at least once every five years. The Congress defines the main activities of the organization, elects the President and Vice-presidents, selects members of the Board, and approves the reports of the Board and the Scientific Council.


Two years after the creation of the association we suffered an irreparable loss: on December 13, 2011, the First President of BirdsRussia Evgeny Kurochkin died after a serious illness and on March 16, 2011 – Vice-President Vladimir Konstantinov.

After the death of E. N. Kurochkin, the Board of BirdsRussia, in accordance with the Charter, passed the duties of the President to the Vice-President Vladimir Mikhailovich Galushin.

On November 17, 2014 the II BirdsRussia Congress took place, where the President and the Board were re-elected and three Vice-presidents and a new Scientific Council were elected.



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