Novgorod region Red List

Novgorod region Red List
Lyuto lake, part of the "Karst Lakes" reserve

In December 2015, the Novgorod region Red List was published. This edition is largely a creation of BirdsRussia. Vice-president of BirdsRussia, A. Mishchenko is one of the executive editors of the Red List, curating the "Vertebrates" block. A significant part of materials that formed the basis for essays on birds was collected during field work as a part of the agreement between the Department of natural resources of the Novgorod region and BirdsRussia. Most essays on birds were written by Alexander Mishchenko and Olga Sukhanova on the basis of their own long-term field research in the Novgorod region. The original drawings of all terrestrial vertebrates were made by Alexey Mosalov. 


Vice-president of BirdsRussia A.L. Mishchenko

 is one of the executive editors of the Red list,

 curating the "Vertebrates" block

The population of Baltic Dunlin (subspecies
Calidris alpina schinzii) on Ilmen lake is one
of the last in Russia
The Novgorod region Red list includes 48 rare, endangered and vulnerable species, or 23% of all nesting species. 

It is worth noting that the proportion of species included in the Red list is relatively small. For instance, the second edition of the Moscow region Red list includes 32% of nesting birds. Relative (in comparison with a number of other regions of Europe) well-being of birds of the Novgorod region is connected with its natural features. Compared with the regions located in the north (Saint-Petersburg) and south (Tver), the Novgorod region nature is currently experiencing slightly less anthropogenic impact, 64% of its area being covered by forests and more than 10% — by swamps. 

Information about each species and subspecies in the Novgorod region Red list includes not only national rarity status categories, but also extinction threat category of IUCN, indicating the numerical and alphabetical criteria. It is a new approach, still rarely used in the regional red lists.


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