Guide for birdwatchers in Russia

Guide for birdwatchers in Russia

A new book has been published for beginner birdwatchers in Russian with BirdsRussia support:  Birds: observe, identify, photograph. 

The author of the book is an ornithologist and an active participant of Birds of Moscow and Moscow region program Ilia Ukolov. 


What is birdwatching? What is the purpose of birdwatching and is it useful? How and where to look for birds? And how to observe them, in general? Is it necessary to go somewhere and, if so, where? What kind of binoculars to choose? And which camera is better? 


If you are interested in birds, this is the book for you. Having read it, you will get the basic skills for identifying birds in the wild. The book tells how to identify birds, where to look for them, what technical means to use. You will learn which birds can be found in the forest and steppe, fields and swamps, in the mountains and on the sea coast. A separate large chapter is devoted to description of interesting ornithologically-wise areas in Russia and neighbouring countries. Famous ornithologists and bird fans share their stories about how they got interested in this activity and what outcomes it led to.   


The author is a talented birds fan and nature photographer. He has been fond of birdwatching since childhood. He has travelled a lot and knows a lot of interesting places. That's why his advice on where to go in order to see rare and unusual birds are well thought out. Being highly-experienced, he shares his knowledge on how to get ready for a trip, what camera or binoculars to choose, how to feed birds and observe them right next to your house. 


And it goes without saying that there are a lot of beautiful pictures of rare birds from different corners of our country in the book. This is not surprising as Ilia Ukolov is the winner of the photo contest "Wild nature of Russia - Birds" and a finalist of international contest among wild nature photographers "Golden Turtle".  


Still not interested in birdwatching? Read the book by Ilia Ukolov! 


Bibliographic data: I. Ukolov. Birds: Observe, identify, photograph. - Moscow, publishing house "Fiton XXI", 2017. 240 p.


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