Atlas of breeding birds of Kaliningrad

Atlas of breeding birds of Kaliningrad

In our country and abroad books in a new format — bird Atlases of this or that territory are published more and more often. They are distinguished by abundance of cartographic materials which clearly reflect the spread of birds, their habitats and number. In Russia such Atlases about birds of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Ryazan are already published; they are in preparation for Ufa, Barnaul and some other cities. 

A novelty has appeared in this galaxy of colourful useful books: "Atlas of breeding birds of Kaliningrad" compiled by ornithologists Egor Leonidovich Lykov and Gennady Victorovich Grishanov. 

The Atlas includes maps of spread of 116 breeding bird species, encountered within administrative limits of Kaliningrad for the period of 1999-2003 and 2006-2007. The city territory was divided into 206 squares with an area of 1×1 sq. km. where counted routes and counts of total number of birds were carried out. At the first stage urbanized part of the city was examined, non-urbanized — at the second stage. Information gathered from amateur ornithologists and local residents was also used for some rare species. 

Карта_Обыкновенный соловей-250 на сайт.jpg   

Map of nightingales distribution     
in Kaliningrad

Every species is described in a separate essay with the mention of species status, its biotopic preferences, distribution feature, population dynamics and biology features. There is a list of factors threatening the existence in the city of rare and vulnerable species. The characterization is given of conservation status of species included in the Red list of the Russian Federation and Red list of Kaliningrad. To identify trends in species composition and territorial distribution of Kalingrad birds, we used the materials of pre-Second World War and post-war periods, and data of Ornithofaunistic map of Kaliningrad, prepared by G.V. Grishanov based on the research data of 1991-1995.  

The Atlas will be useful for both professional ornithologists and those interested in birds, including Russian and foreign tourists-birdwatchers, as well as the employees of the city administration for making ecologically reasonable decisions in the development of Kaliningrad. 

BirdsRussia supported this publication because it fully meets the basic objectives of our organization, including ecological education of the population, involvement of people in bird observation as a hobby and taking active part in nature conservation. Careful treatment of birds and their effective protection are based on the information of their distribution, lifestyle and the details of behaviour in every region of our vast country, that is the value of such Atlases. 

Materials, collected for the Atlas of breeding birds of Kaliningrad, will also be used for the future Atlas of breeding birds of European Russia and European Atlas, publication of which is prepared by European Bird Census Council, EBCC. 

Responsible author of the Atlas is the head of Kaliningrad branch of BirdsRussia, Candidate of Biological Sciences Egor Leonidovich Lykov (e_lykov @

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